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              Enterprise News

              Landscape H2 intelligent hand ring 158 yuan buy mobile power supply

              2018-01-12 14:54:17 4

              A new two generation upgraded smart health bracelet H2 is launched by Tmall. The initial price of Tmall is only 70 percent off yuan, which only needs 158 yuan. The number of mobile power supply is up to a minimum. First come, first served. The new generation of landscape health smart Bracelet H2, classic and minimalist European and American wind design, the top high-tech content, imported high-quality materials, comprehensive and practical health function, brings joy to many friends who love health and love smart bracelet. Landscape H2 Tmall starting only 70 percent off copy price 158 yuan berserk, heartbeat friends can poke ruthless brand Juhuasuan activities currently has limited panic buying, thousands of buyers in the heart Juhuasuan limited berserk activities, can not miss the opportunity.

              Since the introduction of landscape generation smart Bracelet boutique H1, has been highly commented the tens of thousands of users and repeat purchase, landscape H1 to industry impossible ultra low PFP price 99 yuan to let many users experience money affordable shopping experience, smart Bracelet two generation flagship boutique landscape H2 turned out to have more breakthroughs in the function and design and beyond, 70 percent off only 158 yuan Tmall first price in the whole network will again cause health smart Bracelet storm.

              Landscape H2 health smart bracelet which focuses on healthy living concept, product functional enriched, technical content to upgrade again, the selection of high-quality health materials, waterproof design strong injection more excellent vitality into the landscape to provide a full range of H2 intelligent mobile phone, personal health housekeeper for user movement. IPX7 waterproof design and the simple wind in Europe and America

              Landscape H2 health wearable bracelet has IPX7 super waterproof, waterproof technology standards of Japan JIS (Japanese industrial standards) 7 standard, at a depth of 1 meters under water can ensure the long time without water for swimming lovers friends is an absolutely necessary new dress.

              On the surface design, Shanshui H2 continues its exquisite and concise design, making it more concise and more international, and the European and American wind is more high-end. Whether it is for its own wear or to send friends, relatives and colleagues, it is absolutely atmospheric. Landscape H2 fuselage color altogether has the colourful powder, the elegant black, the gem blue three beautiful bright colors, suits the different crowd's friend's wear demand.


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